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  • Category Development abrasive

    Category Development abrasive

    Abrasive used by the abrasive can be divided into ordinary abrasive abrasive and superabrasive abrasive . The former corundum and silicon carbide abrasive general , the latter made of diamond and cubic boron nitride and other superhard abrasive. In ad…

  • Product Features hundred impeller

    Product Features hundred impeller

    Hardness and its dynamic modulus of elasticity hundred impeller has a corresponding relationship , which is conducive to the use of audio measurement abrasive method to represent the dynamic elastic modulus abrasive hardness. In grinding , the high if…

  • Overview of the performance characteristics of the three belt

    Overview of the performance characteristics of the three belt

    Watching the belt three performance characteristics are as follows: The first belt first with high alumina abrasion from sand and more The second belt is the phenomenon of 250 grams paper-based paper-based broadband, especially in the bigger discount …

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